P***y Control

In the words of Prince “Ladies, make'em act like they know U are, was, and always will be p***y Control.” I am ready for people to stop trying to control my p***y.  It is not exactly in the literal sense, it is more about the nonsense happening in the U.S.A right now in regards to net neutrality . 

For a country which supposedly prides itself on personal rights and freedom, there seems to be a lot people trying to police my  p***y and what my p***y wants to do in its free time on the internet.

Net neutrality and the idea that it might be lost is just as terrifying as contemplating leaving Roy Moore alone in a room of 14-year-old girls. It is a fundamental attack on our human rights.

Here is looking at you White dudes in government, you are not entitled to dictate the content I can see on the internet, if you want to power trip, just go passively aggressively leave a Post-it note on someone’s desk at work, okay?

I have already lived through the age where I had to wait 5 minutes for a picture to download. Me and my p***y are trying to better our lives, and we can’t do that if I am forced to watch porn content made by Fox.  Can you imagine what that would look like? I just love my late-night entertainment with a casual side or racism or randomly inserting some line about abstinence and Jesus. Sorry, but I don’t think I want to see anything any of their executives would produce, since I am sure it would look like sexual harassment and rape and that is not for me, sorry.

Maybe you like commercials about dry eyes or bull sh** Pepsi commercials which make human rights look like a simple block party. Maybe you want to only get your news from terrible news outlets like CNN or FOX. If that is what you are into, that’s okay my p***y does not care however, please don’t subjugate me to that. Isn't “freedom” about the ability to choose? The ability to navigate life while making our own individual choices?

So, in my final words before I go to sleep on the other side of the world is stop trying to control my p***y. Just let me have my internet and my contraceptive, goddamn.