Steps to protect your privacy online

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With Net Neutrality up in limbo and the uptick of tracking, hacking and the increase in deep learning in cyber security, here are some tips for you to follow.

1. Email

Trackers can be placed in your emails to show where, and where you've opened the email by placing a transparent image in said email. 

Follow and Block using: Ugly Email and Pixel Blocker.  More info, here . 

Encrypt your email using Mailvelope, read more here.  You can also use an encrypted email service, e.g. Proton Mail

2. Cellphone

Remove permissions for camera, microphone from ALL apps until you need to use it, then turn it back off. Apps like Instagram, and Facebook have been found to track their users conversations to recommend products in their ads.  UPDATE your software.

3. Passwords

Turn on 2 step verification where you can.
Check here to see if your email and by extension that password and data has been breached, if yes then change your password to something over 12 characters and make sure that EACH password per app/email is unique. Wired recommends 1password and lastpass as password generators and Dashlane as a password manager, you can also write them down if that gives you greater piece of mind. 

4. Computer

Update your software, and keep your patches up to date as well.  Do not forget to encrypt your hard drive.  Cover your webcam camera with tape. 

Use a guest user for daily non-essential browsing, etc.  Ensures that if you are tracked, your admin or root permissions have a layer of protection.

5. Personal Data

Equality Labs is an organisation that deals with digital security, and I got the following information from this medium piece that they published. 

Check your Data leaks and Opt out here:

6. Your browser

Wean yourself off G o o g l e products immediately.
Search: DuckDuckGo

Docs: Sandstorm

If you are going with aforementioned company turn on their Advanced Protection

VPN: When picking a VPN ensure that they are not cooperative with the government you don't want to view your date and that they DELETE their logs often. You can compare for yourself on ThatOnePrivacySite.  

Remember there is NO such thing as a completely unhackable program, what is made by man can be un-made. 

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