10 Things I learnt during the Mercury Retrograde of 2017

  1. Life is about slowly getting better
    Well, this is my philosophy for all things in life.  I try to be a less shitty person every day, it's a thing called 'growth'.  Happens gradually so hopefully by the time I'm 70 I'll be a half-way decent person. There's this book called the audacity of hope
  2. White people stay tripping off some bullshit
    If 2017 has reaffirmed nothing for me this entire year it's that white people fear nothing but an end to inequality.  I'm not saying that there are non-white groups that don't have this problem, but I'm highlighting the global system of white supremacy.  There are too many white supremacist groups working to undo very recent changes to legislation to make life more fair and not enough white people pushing back against it. 
  3. All I gotta do is stay true to myself and die
    I like most millennials 'joke' about how we wish we were dead. haaaaaha ha. I do however feel that with the amount of shitty things going on in the world the least I can do is be kind, respect myself and other people.  I'm not dying a punk or a coward. 
  4. Capitalism is ruining my life
  5. I want a cat
    Cats are amazing.  As I have aged my intense identification/love for the cat friends has only intensified and I just want to be able to provide the best life possible to the cat that wants to spend time with me.
  6. Men are trash
    I have discovered a way to get rid of overt misogynists.  Tell them you're a feminist and support LGBT+ rights.  They won't be able to hold back and will boil with rage as they will try and tell you how you are wrong about your life and your choices. Pro tip: Any man that's homophobic is also a misogynist because those two things go hand in hand. 
  7. Someone give me money
    I say someone but I mean the imperialists that over-exploited my land and my people for centuries to turn around and tell us we're under-developed while fetishising the culture that is left in our bones and skin. (Pay me my reparations)
  8. Friends are great, keep the good people in your life
    People on average are not that great, and you know it's ok, people have lots of different stuff going on in their lives. Keep talking to the ones that make the effort to care about you. 
  9. Stress is bad for your health
    It really is. All forms of stress; racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, orientalism, fetishes, classism, imperialism, they are all stressful. Stay safe. 
  10. The educational system needs to cater to children's emotional needs
    One of the biggest things I've ever learnt in life is that it doesn't matter what you're talking about, as long as the people you're talking to feel like you care and believe in them.  Care can take many different forms, but lots of kids really just like to feel as though they're heard and respected.