The Globalization of White Supremacy

White supremacy takes its shape in many forms and is as unoriginal as a DC movie. White Supremacy is just like any Superman revamp, it has cut and paste plot points, and only gets creative when a couple of characters are added or swapped out.

White Supremacy can be boiled down to a Hollywood action movie where you can see all of the major turns, predict all the jokes, figure out who is going to be the hero and predict who is going to be the bad guy.

As an American, who comes from a part of Frenchfry-ville that loves to boast about its rich history, we tend to focus on White Supremacy in terms of the Western World. White Supremacy in Germany, the U.K., South Africa, Australia and other places which have a predominately White population are examined and re-examined. Whether it is looking at White Supremacy manifesting itself in terms of social upheaval or an economic slump. Our focus is often narrow and the conversation can almost be compared to a dog chasing its tail, the damn conversation just goes in circles until you get dizzy. 

However, what about actors outside of predominately White countries? 

The problem with White Supremacy is that it is not just White people in the West who uphold it, it’s non-White people outside of the West who believe in it without any forethought. White supremacy in its most basic form is the upholding of anti -Blackness at any cost while pinning for Whiteness at every turn. You can believe me *insert a Donald Trump hand gesture* There is more than enough of that going around in places like Taiwan.White Supremacy in Taiwan is running around like a Weinstein brother and just harassing everyone at every turn.

Part of me was shocked when I came to Taiwan and found out that Aboriginals had the same stereotypes of African Americans and Native Americans combine.

1)    They can sing.

2)   They can dance.

3)    They like the drink.

4)    They are good at sports.

5)    They are not very smart.

Shocking, right?

Stereotypes are never original and are very often boring and I am finally ready for someone to ask me why all Black people shoot rainbows out of their eyes. I want someone to make a joke about how Aboriginal people own flying horses who live off of re-distributing land and wealth. Alas, all I get are the same old re-hashed things about Black people dancing and Aboriginals drinking too much. Come on racists! Let’s get creative! 

After learning about these used condom ass stereotypes, it blew my mind that in a place so far removed from the United States there were insane ideas about Black people and Blackness. Ready for some more lack luster CW show status stereotypes which made it to the other side of the world? Well, here we go!

1)    Black Women have black holes for vaginas (Star Trek level size black holes).

2)    Black men dicks the size the the meteorite which killed the dinosaurs.

3)    Black women are ugly (cause Lorde does not look like her soul was snatched out of her body centuries ago).

4)    Black women have big butts( clearly we haven't moved out of the 19th century).

5)    Black men are animal like (Taiwanese people love to compare Lebron to a gorilla. Yes, you got that right, a gorilla. As I have been told, they don't mean it).

6)    Black women smell bad and use perfume to cover it up (this makes no sense, so you smell nice because you smell bad? Where is the logic there?).

7)    All Black people can dance/sing/rap etc (because Oprah does not exist to counter this very theory).

8)    Black people are all thugs and gangsters (yes, even if you are here working on your PHD or teaching, you are about that life).

I could go on and on all day but why waste valuable space? 

Even after hearing all of  these so so creative and original stereotypes...... there are still  times something comes flying at me unexpectedly. There are sometimes when the level anti-blackness is so low and White Supremacy is so astounding I have to take a step back and wonder what on Earth happened. 

Let me paint a picture for you.

Imagine a sad and tired teacher (me) standing in front of a classroom, exams in hand and ready to charge through an exam review. The sad teacher then proceeds through most of the exam review without any problems until she get to a reading section about Mansa Musa. 

The downtrodden underpaid slave to the capitalistic market then proceeds with very simple instructions, “Okay future of your country, let’s go over the section of your test where you had to answer questions about Mansa Musa.”

A student then decides to yell out, “That's a jungle name.”

The downtrodden teacher who is not paid enough to hold back her anger and disapproving stares replies with a, “What do you mean by that?”

The entire class goes silent, the exhausted underpaid teacher says, “What do you mean by that? I am curious.”

The student slowly said,  “It just came from my brain”

One of his friends jumps into say, “You know like Tarzan”

The poor underpaid worker who is too exhausted to drag the child out of the class simply says, “So he was in a jungle going across the desert carrying gold, okay clearly you have learned nothing?”

There was continued silence. I made sure to let the class know we would bring this up later.

Here you have a 13-year-old who can maybe, maybe name two African countries however, after reading about someone’s immense wealth and power still feels like the name and individual deserves to be mocked.

In East Asia, especially Taiwan even children have so much internalized racism they feel comfortable enough to mock names which are not traditionally Anglo- Saxon Christian names. Sometimes I wonder if they realize we are not the Bible Belt and that mayo makes nothing taste better.

Travel anywhere in East Asia especially Taiwan and you can models who are a little to young with white faces plastered in every major shopping area. The white faces sometimes are outnumber the Asian faces, which are often as plastic and as fake as any Darth Becky.

Many people try and blame “traditional” values as to why there is a propensity towards Whiteness, that does not explain the undoubtable aspirations towards Eurocentric features and the disdain for people who do not have what are stereotypically considered to be Eurocentric features.  

Unless you view all of these actions through a lens of White Supremacy you are only looking at a fraction of the picture.

There is a level of self- hate here which can only be explained by a heavy participation in White Supremacy. While many people in America like to pretend if we move away or go somewhere else the problems will disappear, I am here to say the visceral hatred of blackness  has spread to areas of the world where Blackness has nothing to do with the local population. Not only  is not only astonishing it is perplexing at times.

All I can say as someone who is a teacher how do you combat 1950’s level racism in a world where we White Supremacy is so strong people hate themselves and unquestionably hate others?