Reclaiming My Time

It's the year 2017, one year post-Lemonade and we are gathered here today to help everyone do a little better.  Have you ever had a conversation and thought to yourself, 'Wow, I would pay to never have to explain this again for the rest of my life."? Yes? Me too, boo. I've compiled a list of conversation topics that we honestly shouldn't be having as small talk, because they are what? annoying.

1. Race ≠ Ethnicity ≠ Nationality ≠ Religion

I don't mind people asking me where I'm from, what I do hate however is people assuming there is a correlation between my nationality and my race/ethnicity/religion.  You cannot LOOK Caribbean/ West Indian/ Jamaican/ Latino. How do you look like a geographic region? How do you look like a Nationality? How do you look like a culture? You don't, especially if you're from an area that's multi-ethnic and multi-racial. 

2. Stop quoting racist stereotypes as pick-up lines.

Now you'd think that this would be obvious, but it's actually not. The number of times, a man, a cis man, has come up to me and spouted slogans from 'The Imperialists Guide to the dehumanisation and subsequent subjugation of a people' and EXPECTED me to gather him close in my arms, and thank him have been far too many.

I decided to include some of the coochie-nauseating conversations here. Italics are my inner dialogue.

- Wow! Your teeth are so WHITE!  Do I need to explain why this is racist?. 

- You are so exotic! I hate this so much, that I have a list -Arya Stark style- of people who've said this to me. When you say this, what you're saying is that person is 'other'. It brings to mind a lot of the racist logic that were used to defend and justify the rape of women of colour, e.g. Pocahontas was 'exotic', Sarah Baartman was 'exotic'. 

- You must be able to dance so well. This has a distinct tinge of sexual racism, in the same vein as the last point. There is a long history of the hyper-sexualisation of black female bodies, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

- You smell like coconuts. I smell like soap and perfume. You bitches can't even spell hygiene. 

- I just love your skin. How do you not read this in a Hannibal Lector voice? 

- I used to date/sleep with someone from [insert country I'm not from here] Why? Just Why? You have a fetish? Great. Let me never speak to you again. 

- My nanny/ baby-sitter was from [insert country I'm not from here] Again...why? 

- I love Sean Paul! Stop. Please. 

- I love weed. We all know what you're alluding to, and yes, it's racist. 

- Bob Marley was the greatest/ Shows me a picture of them with dreadlocks (usually dirty ones) Rastafarianism is a black power movement, and a hard-core one at that. You can barely say Black Lives Matter but want to rock dreadlocks? Step-off. 

3. Mixed-Race babies are the future!

I am a mixed race human, so are you saying that I'm Azor Ahai/Jesus/ the prince that was promised? Probably not. I've made it to my late 20's and so far no letters from Hogwarts, and no sudden X-men powers. I'll try and find a flaming sword but so far the only thing flaming about me is my choice in media. 

Your nut.....cannot change the world- Me.

Listen. Gather close.

People are out here nutting in socks, sweaty palms, machines, and plastic.  Has global warming ended? No? Why you say, as you furiously cum into/on your plastic vagina/ dildo? BECAUSE IT'S JUST AN ORGASM! It doesn't do any good except for making you feel better about yourself because pheromones.  

Slave-owners were raping black women, and making mulata babies, which they promptly raped and/or sold. If there was a point where the birth of a mixed race person would have ended racism/slavery it would have been then.

But what about my love, you say. And to you, I say, I'm glad you're in love, but what does that have to do with systematic racism? Your likes, your 'preferences' are shaped by society.

Mixed-race kids spend a lot of time trying to feel comfortable in the duality of belonging and not belonging to themselves and to their parents. Imagine having a child and putting them into the world and not explaining to them that they people who look like their family will dehumanise them. Imagine not telling them that members of their own family will accept them based on proximity to them but not view other kids the same way. 

Having a child who's mixed race purely because you think it will be 'better' is not only selfish but very unrealistic. 

If you're thinking that having all these brown babies will be great and fix everything. You're wrong. 

Look up the history of racism in Latin America and the Caribbean, instead of anti-miscegenation we were pro-miscegenation, and we have the same levels of racism you have now. (Doesn't work) I would consider comparing it to Jim Crow level laws in the USA. 

These three, simple steps are all I really need everyone to be able to come together and stop perpetrating the nonsense. You've read this. Now you know better....Please, do better.